Top 25 Albums of 2011



Looking back on it, I think that 2011 was a great year

for underground music.  There were A LOT of

spectacular records that came out in punk, indie and

rock.  In fact, when I started working on this list of

my Top 25 albums of the year, the list I came up with

to narrow it down was well over 40.  And that number

doesn't include the records that I have probably missed

or overlooked during the last 12 months.


When I look at the list of those that did make the Top 25,

my love of 90s punk and alt-rock really shined threw.

What can I say?  90s punk is where my heart is.


So with any further adieu, here is my list of the Top 25

Albums of 2011.


Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

Banquets- Top Button, Bottom Shelf

Bayside-Killing Time

Bomb The Music Industry!-Vacation

Candy Hearts-Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy

Direct Hit!-Domesplitter

Former Cell Mates-Presented as a Work of Fiction

Glossary-Long Live All of Us

Great Cynics-Don't Need Much

The Haunted Continents-The Loudest Year Ever

John Moreland and The Dust Bowl Souls-

           Everything the Hard Way

Larry and His Flask-All That We Know

Night Birds-The Other Side of Darkness

Office of Future Plans-Office of Future Plans

Protectors-Can't Shake the Moves

Seahaven-Winter Forever

The Stereo State-Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?

Tin Armor-Life of Abundance



Top 25 Albums of 2011:


#25 Sharks Come Cruisin'-

A Past We Forget That We Need to Know

#24 Greenland Is Melting-Where Were We


#23 Rival Schools-Pedals


#22 Polar Bear Club-Clash Battle Guilt Pride


#21 Good Luck-Without Hesitation


#20 Foo Fighters-Wasting Light


#19 Red City Radio-The Dangers of Standing Still


#18 Balance and Composure-Seperation


#17 All Eyes West-All Eyes West


#16 Smoking Popes-This is Only a Test


#15 Noise By Numbers-Over Leavitt


#14 Heartsounds-Drifter


#13 Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room-

Hurricane Season


#12 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-The Magic of Youth


#11 The Gateway District-Perfect's Gonna Fail


#10 Horace Pinker-Local State Inertia


#9 Laura Stevenon and the Cans-Sit/Resist


#8 Restorations-Restorations


#7 How Dare You-

The Colonel, The King and The Clown


#6 Only Thieves-Heartless Romantics


#5 Farewell Contintal-Hey Hey Pioneers!


#4 I Am The Avalanche-Avalanche United


#3 Face To Face-Laugh Now, Laugh Later


#2 Nothington-Borrowed Time


#1 Samiam-Trips


Well that's it.  Please feel free to email me

at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with

all of the records I got wrong or right

with my list.  Happy New Year!








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