Episode #80: Great Apes



On this new episode, we play new music from Restorations,

Beach Slang and many more!


This episode also features a candid interview with Brian Moss,

singer and lyricist for the San Francisco Bay punk band

Great Apes about the band's new album California Heart,

mental health, the high school experience and much more.


ca heart


Check it out and discover your new favorite band!



Playlist for Episode #80:

Beach Slang "Spin The Dial"

Arms Aloft "The Voyage of the Dawndreaders"

Carpenter "Lost & Found"

Caskitt "Old Fires New Frontier"

Low Culture "Evil"

Great Apes "California Heart"

Doe "Anywhere"

Cool American "Next Cut"

Friends of Cesar Romero "Everything In My Life Is Burning"

Coeds "Push"

Great Apes "Saint Brasher"

Restorations "Sea"

Big Jesus "SP"







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