Episode #81: Fest 15 Preview



Welcome to a special Fest 15 preview episode of the show!


On this episode, we play music from just a small fraction of

the bands playing the Fest punk rock music festival, which

occurs this weekend (October 28-30) in Gainesville, FL.

That includes tracks from Samiam, The Ergs!, The Flatliners,

Latterman and many, many more.


This episode also features an in-depth conversation with the

Fest's founder Tony Weinbender about doing this DIY punk

festival for 15 years now, what Fest attendees can expect this

year, the growth of Fest Wrestling, and much more.


Check it out and I hope to see you in Gainesville!



Playlist for Episode #81:


Latterman "Water Mane's at the Block's End"

Almost People "Day One"

Gunmoll "Say Goodbye"

The Ergs! "Extra Medium"

Wet Nurse "Underground"

Creepoid "American Smile"

The Flatliners "Count Your Bruises"

We Are The Union "I'm Like John Cusack"

Tenement "Under The Storm Clouds"

Samiam "Sunshine"

Lemuria "Buzz"

Slingshot Dakota "You"

Jeff Rosenstock "Festival Song"








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