Episode #87: Fest 16 Preview

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Welcome to a new special Fest 16 preview

episode of Rocket Fuel!


The Fest is the punk rock party/family reunion/festival

that is happening October 27-29 in Gainesville, Florida.

For more details on it and Pre Fest 5, which is happening

in Ybor City, Florida on October 25 & 26, head over to



On the episode, we play banger after banger from

band playing Fest, including new jams from Hot

Water Music, Iron Chic, the Lillingtons and many

more. We also include classic tunes from Hum,

Smoking Popes and Cadillac Blindside.


This episode also features my conversation with

Fest founder and organizer Tony Weinbender, where

we talk about how Hurricane Irma impacted his planning

process, how the stellar linup of bands playing this year

came into place, what new and different things are

occuring this year and what the future holds for Fest.


fest 16 poster


Enjoy and I hope to see you at Fest 16!



Playlist for Episode #87:

Hot Water Music "Bury Your Idols"

Able Baker Fox "Purple Mountains"

The Apology Tour "I Was Hoping We Were Good"

Teen Agers "Fake Reality"

Smoking Popes "Need You Around"

Decent Criminal "Neurotic"

The Lillingtons "They Live"

The Dopamines "The King of Swilling Powers (Part I, II, III)"

Iron Chic "Planes, Chest Pains, and Automobiles"

Rainer Maria "Suicides and Lazy Eyes"

Save Ends "Bad News"

Cadillac Blindside "Tonight's Starting Lineup"

The Movielife "Mercy is Asleep at the Wheel"

Hum "Stars"









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