Top 25 Albums of 2010



When I had Paul from Red City on the show back in episode #41,

he asked me if I thought the new music that was coming out this

year was better than that of last year.  At the time, I thought that

2009 saw better music come out overall, with 2010 producing

better quality at the top of the list, if that makes sense.  After

working on my Top 25 Albums of 2010 list, I realized that I

was wrong and that 2010 was an incredible year for punk

rock and had eclipsed that of last year.


So with any further adieu, here is my list of the Top 25

Albums of 2010. 


Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

Dead Mechanical-Addict Rythyms

Stephen Egerton-Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton

Four Year Strong-Enemy of the World

Furious Dudes-Florida Sucks

The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever

Iron Chic-Not Like This

Leatherface-The Stormy Petrel

Look Mexico-To Bed To Battle

Nightmares For a Week-Don't Die

The Riot Before-Rebellion

Surfer Blood-Astro Coast

Ultimate Fakebook-Daydream Radio is Smiling Static


#25 Hostage Calm-Hostage Calm

This record was so good and unique that is squeaked on to

the list.  No one out there really sounds like this CT band.


#24 Young Livers-Of Misery and Toil

Heavy, Hot Water Music influenced tunes will get me every



#23 The Future Now-Hazy Orange Sunday

I really love the grungey sound from this Gainesville, FL

band.  Real raw, real rad.


#22 The Real Danger-Making Enemies

I don't know why more people aren't into this band.

Maybe it's because they're from The Netherlands, but

their straight-up pop punk tunes rule.


#21 The State Lottery-When The Night Comes

Soulful, smooth and filled with emotion, this was one of

my surprise records of the year.  You can download it

for FREE at the link above.  DO IT


#20 Motion City Soundtrack-My Dinosaur Life

I've always been a fan of MCS and was glad to

see them return to near I Am The Movie form.


#19 The Cold Beat-Get Safe

Great indie tunes with a great pop sensibility.

Looking forward to more from this Allston, MA group.


#18 The Menzingers-Chamberlain Waits

Wow.  The Menzingers really showed their range on this

record and they nail it.  Their Clash influence really shine

through without coming off as a cheap imitation.


#17 John Moreland & The Black Gold Band-Things I

Can't Control

From the first time I listened to this straight through I was

in love.  Moreland is a phenomonal songwriter, and "Black

Cloud" may just be my favorite tune of the year.


#16 None More Black-Icons

This record didn't getnearly the attention that it deserved.

It's freaking None More Black!  Icons shows that the boys

haven't missed a step.


#15 We Are The Union-Great Leaps Forward

This MI ska-punk band does in fact leap forward with

this new record. 


#14 Glossary-Feral Fire

Murfeesboro, TN's Glossary may in fact be the most

underappreciated band on the planet.  Amazing rock

and alt-country jams on the new record.  They are

stellar live, too.


#13 The Atom Age-Kill Surf City

Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows

that Rocket From The Crypt holds a special

place in a musical heart.  This Berkeley, CA

outfit puts their own spin on RFTC brand

rock n roll and gives me hope for the future.


#12 The Dopamines-Expect The Worst

This record may be called Expect the Worst,

but I guarantee that it will exceed your

expectations one million-fold.  Killer pop-punk

jams from beginning to end.


#11 No Fuego-Concrete & Country

If you aren't listening to this band, start.  Right.

Now.  Hot Water Music influenced punk rock

with bagpipes.  Do I need to say any more?


#10 Heartsounds-Until We Surrender

I am a sucker for 90s-inspired punk rock

and Heartsounds delivers on their debut record.

Awesome male and female vocals and sweet riffs

will have you listening to this record over and over

again, just like I did.


#9 Off With Their Heads-In Desolation

I know that other OWTH fans may disagree

with me, but this is my favorite album from

the MN band.  It just seems more immediate

to me and the tunes flat out rule.


#8 The Flatliners-Cavalcade

I was never really a huge fan of The Flatliners,

but became a believer after hearing this record.

Hands down their best, featuring  a lot of range

and depth.  I can't wait to see them try to top

it with their next one.


#7 Make Do and Mend-End Measured Mile

If I had to describe this record in one word, it would

be EPIC.  Tons of memorable lyrics, and tunes to



#6 Green Room Rockers-Green Room Rockers

Ska record of the year.  These guys write tunes that

will make you get up and dance.  I can't get enough

of this band.


#5 The Gamits-Parts

I'm pretty sure that my heart skipped a beat when I

heard the news that The Gamits were reuniting.

While Parts is nothing like their last record Antidote,

in typical Gamits fashion they reinvent themselves and

only get better.


#4 Mixtapes-Maps

These young whippersnappers really know how to write

some tunes.  Dynamic male and female vocals, witty lyrics

and catchy-as-all-get-out jams makes this one of my favs

of the year.


#3 Carpenter-Sea To Sky

This Canadian band is another example of a group that

isn't getting NEARLY as much attention as they deserve.

Tremendous rock songs with enough pop to keep them

stuck in your head all day and leave you thanking them

for it.  The only thing better is their live show.



This is probably the record that surprised me the

most in 2010 I didn't really know much about

RVIVR when I downloaded LP, but was floored

after I heard their take on pop and punk.  They

got a lot of hype this year and it was all well



#1 Superchunk-Majesty Shredding

After nine years without a studio record,

Superchunk comes out of nowhere and

released their best record and my favorite

of 2010.  I smile every single time I listen

to it and it's indie-pop gems.  This record

is flawless.  Please, please, please,

Superchunk, please stay together and

continue to make music!


Well that's it.  Please feel free to email me

at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with

all of the records I got wrong or right

with my list.  Happy New Year!










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