Episode #51: FEST 10

 fest 10


Welcome to the annual Fest preview episode of

Rocket Fuel!  On this episode I play new tunes

from Samiam, Polar Bear Club, Nothington and

many more, including the world premiere of a

song from the rad band Good Luck.  You won't

be able to hear this song anywhere else until their

record is released.  Sweeeeet!


I talk with Fest founder and organizer Tony

Weinbender about this year's lineup, whether or not

there will be a Fest 11, as well as information about

one of the Mystery Bands playing Fest.  This

information is also the basis of our contest for this

episode, where you can win a mystery prize pack,

that will contain AT LEAST a Rocket Fuel shirt and

five CDs, mostly of Fest bands.  Again, this is info

that you won't hear anywhere else, so you gotta check

it out.


Find out how you can win and to hear the episode!



Playlist for Episode #51:

Samiam "September Holiday"

Heartsounds "Every Second Counts"

The Slow Death "Opposite of Jesse's Girl"

Polar Bear Club "Killin'It"

The Arteries "Capture the Flag"

Static Radio NJ "Favorite Name"

Nothington "Captive Audience"

Lifetime "Airport Monday Morning"

Cletus "8 Ways to Hate You"

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists "Me and Mia"

The Copyrights "20 Feet Tall"

Greenland is Melting "Always"

Good Luck "Impossible" <---- WORLD PREMIERE!


 **Rules for the Rocket Fuel/Mystery Band contest.  Entries must be received by the Rocket Fuel podcast email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, October 23rd.  You must be over 18 years old to win the winner(s) will be chosen from correct answers.  If more than three entries are the correct answer, then the first three to answer correctly will win.  If the answer for the contest is released by The Fest prior to the 23rd, then the contest will end at the moment of the information being released and the winners will be announced.  No purchase is necessary to win.  One email per person, please.**








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