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Episode #81: Fest 15 Preview



Welcome to a special Fest 15 preview episode of the show!


On this episode, we play music from just a small fraction of

the bands playing the Fest punk rock music festival, which

occurs this weekend (October 28-30) in Gainesville, FL.

That includes tracks from Samiam, The Ergs!, The Flatliners,

Latterman and many, many more.


This episode also features an in-depth conversation with the

Fest's founder Tony Weinbender about doing this DIY punk

festival for 15 years now, what Fest attendees can expect this

year, the growth of Fest Wrestling, and much more.


Check it out and I hope to see you in Gainesville!



Playlist for Episode #81:


Latterman "Water Mane's at the Block's End"

Almost People "Day One"

Gunmoll "Say Goodbye"

The Ergs! "Extra Medium"

Wet Nurse "Underground"

Creepoid "American Smile"

The Flatliners "Count Your Bruises"

We Are The Union "I'm Like John Cusack"

Tenement "Under The Storm Clouds"

Samiam "Sunshine"

Lemuria "Buzz"

Slingshot Dakota "You"

Jeff Rosenstock "Festival Song"

Episode #80: Great Apes



On this new episode, we play new music from Restorations,

Beach Slang and many more!


This episode also features a candid interview with Brian Moss,

singer and lyricist for the San Francisco Bay punk band

Great Apes about the band's new album California Heart,

mental health, the high school experience and much more.


ca heart


Check it out and discover your new favorite band!



Playlist for Episode #80:

Beach Slang "Spin The Dial"

Arms Aloft "The Voyage of the Dawndreaders"

Carpenter "Lost & Found"

Caskitt "Old Fires New Frontier"

Low Culture "Evil"

Great Apes "California Heart"

Doe "Anywhere"

Cool American "Next Cut"

Friends of Cesar Romero "Everything In My Life Is Burning"

Coeds "Push"

Great Apes "Saint Brasher"

Restorations "Sea"

Big Jesus "SP"
Episode #79: Cheap Girls



On this new episode, we play new music from Descendents,

The Bouncing Souls, Smoking Popes, Signals Midwest and

much more!


Ian Graham from the awesome rock band Cheap Girls stops

by to talk about their great new B-Sides and rarities collection

God's Ex-Wife, their move from a three-piece to a four-piece,

and his continuing appreciation of Green Day.




Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #79:

Descendents "Without Love"

Smoke Break "Talk Baseball To Me"

Bouncing Souls "Bees"

Cheap Girls "Better Thoughts Instead"

The Conquerors "Turned Me To Stone"

Textbook "Only When I'm Breathing"

Kindling "Blinding Wave"

Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes "Turning Gears"

Signals Midwest "Alchemy Hour"

Smoking Popes "Someday I'll Smile Again"

Cheap Girls "Cored to Empty (Full Band Version)"

Butch Walker "Stay Gold"

BJ Barham "Unfortunate Kind"

St. Paul & The Broken Bones "All I Ever Wonder"

Episode #78: Empty Houses



On this new episode, we play new music from Mikey Erg,

Look Mexico, Anakin and many more, on what might be

the most diverse playlist on an episode of the show ever!


The awesome new Michigan band Empty Houses also stop by

to talk about their new record Daydream, how they started playing

their refreshing style of music, touring for the first time as band and

much more.


eh dd


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #78:


Mikey Erg "Comme Si About Me"

The Pride of Erie PA "Betty Draper"

Empty Houses "Daydream"

Sass Dragons "Downers Grove"

Pkew Pkew Pkew "Glory Days"

Tens "Chicago Hope"

Empty Houses "Falling Away"

The Suffers "Make Some Room"

Look Mexico "Well, Kansas Ain't What It Used To Be"

Anakin "Ultrasonic"

Kicking Spit "Just Don't Care"

Shallow Cuts "Empty Beach Town"

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