Top 25 Albums of 2013 (Top 50 Albums of 2013, Part II)

25 good


Here it is, folks, my Top 25 Albums of 2013.

Now I will say this: this is totally based on my

opinion based on the records that I spent time with

this year.  Are their probably a few albums that would

have made this list had I had a chance to spend more

time with them?  Sure.  In fact, the latest albums from

Speedy Ortiz, Lemuria and RVIVR come to mind.

The bottom line is, there are only so many hours

in a given day and I simply can't catch everything.

You guys know that I try, though!


With this list below, I can honestly tell you that I 

LOVE each and every one of these records and

highly recommend them all to you.  In fact, that is

why I do this list, for you to maybe find an awesome

band or two that maybe you haven't check out yet.


I would love to hear what you think about this list and

your thoughts on the best records of the year.  To do that,

drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we

can connect about it.


Thank you for all of your support this year and for listening

to the podcast.  I look forward to sharing more tunes with

you in 2014!


#25: The Bootheel-Goat's Lodge

#24: Heartsounds-Internal Eyes

#23: Broadcaster-A Million Hours

#22: Banquets-Banquets

#21: Save Ends-Warm Hearts, Cold Hands

#20: The Real Danger-Down and Out

#19: Arliss Nancy-Wild American Runners

#18: The Flatliners-Dead Language

#17: Laura Stevenson-Wheel

#16: Roomrunner-Ideal Cities

#15: Superchunk-I Hate Music

#14: Streetlight Manifesto-The Hand That Thieves

#13: Jamie Woolford-A Framed Life in Charming Light

#12: A Wilhelm Scream-Partycrasher

#11: Daylight-Jar

#10: Great Apes-Thread

#9: The Swellers-The Light Under Closed Doors

#8: Great Cynics-Like I Belong

#7: Less Than Jake -See The Light

#6: Iron Chic-The Constant One

#5: Teen Agers-I Hate It

#4: The Night Marchers- Allez! Allez!

#3: Red City Radio-Titles

#2: John Moreland-In The Throes

#1: Restorations-LP2










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