Top 50 Albums of 2014 Part I (50-26)

50 2014

Like most years, 2014 was a great year for

underground music. While most of this diverse

list features bands from the DIY punk scene, etc.,

there were a few bigger bands that snuck onto

the list as well. This list has everything from punk

to emo, ska to alt-country and college rock. The

list also spans the globe with entries from the USA,

Canada, the UK and Australia.


Below is part one of my list, which is albums

26-50. The rest of the list will be released soon.

There are definitely records that did not make the

list solely based on the fact that I didn't spend enough

time with them this year.


I should also mention that some of these records are

on bandcamp as "pay what you want" downloads,

so I've tried to link to these below when possible.


If you want to tell me how wrong or right my list is,

or just talk music, email me at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Let's do this!


#50 Pacer-Mechanical

#49 Protectors-Soul & Fire Is All We Ever Need

#48 Awkward Age-We Could Be Anywhere

#47 The Moms-Buy American

#46 Violent Soho-Hungry Ghost

#45 Mastodon-One More 'Round The Sun

#44 The Smith Street Band-Throw Me In The River

#43 Mustard Plug-Can't Contain It

#42 Presidents of the United States of America-

Kudos to You!

#41 Seahaven-Reverie Lagoon: Music for

Escapism Only

#40 Cloud Nothings-Here and Nowhere Else

#39 Sugar Stems-Only Come Out at Night

#38 Protomartyr-Under Color of Official Right

#37 Weezer-Everything Will Be Alright In The End

#36 Late Bloomer-Things Change

#35 The Jazz June-After The Earthquake

#34 Doe-First Four

#33 Big Shoals-Still Go On

#32 Murder City Devils-The White Ghost Has Blood On

Its Hands Again

#31 Braid-No Coast

#30 The No Marks-Light Of One

#29 Nothing-Guilty Of Everything

#28 Textbook-All Messed Up

#27 Aspiga-What Happened To You?

#26 I Am The Avalanche-Wolverines








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